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haters can say what they want about the 4th of july but i just witnessed two dudes- one dressed as abe lincoln and the other as benjamin franklin- passionately making out on the balcony while fireworks went off behind them and half of the party, for some reason, gathered around them and chanted “USA! USA!” for like five solid minutes

god bless america

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A person’s emotional being is like an ocean. The people in your life are separated into three different categories. You have the sailors: they won’t touch the water. They opt to stay inside the boat. These people are your acquaintances, or “surface” friends, and they never make it deep.
You then have the snorkelers. These are the friends who want to go deep, but don’t have the emotional capacity to carry the pressure and weight. If they make an attempt, they either drown or are forced to go back to the surface for oxygen.
Finally, let’s talk about the deep sea divers. These are the people who stay with you through storms and violent waters, and they aren’t afraid to dive to the darkest parts of the ocean floor: they stay with you, in the water, through the worst times. They aren’t afraid to call out your bullshit. They’re the people who are there for you no matter what happens.
We all need the third type of people in our lives.
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Good Guy Sauron

Oh God this got me so good.

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I swear they all have Tumblr accounts

and the song is called unnatural selection tho.

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8:30pm on Cartoon Network got fucking real last night.

wow pretty much what i’m going through right now

this show is to old for me, and im 21

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   Pump up your night. Prepare for party crashers.
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Pump up your night. Prepare for party crashers.

People who are intimidated by you talk bad about you with hopes that others won’t find you so appealing.
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baby tastes salt and vinegar chips

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RIP Ruby Dee

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